High Specification Electrochemical Toxic Gas Sensors for Industrial Applications

NE4-CO Electrochemical Carbon monoxide (CO) Sensor

Our flagship CO sensor for instruments intended for arduous industrial applications such as steelworks, mining applications, foundries, industrial portable multigas instruments etc. 3-electrode operation ensures the highest levels of linearity, repeatability and longevity.

70 nA/ppm, 0-1000ppm

NE4-H2S-100 Electrochemical Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Sensor

We think the best H2S sensor of its type available, with unsurpassed stability and unrivalled speed of response for all industrial safety applications

700nA/ppm, 0-100ppm

NE4-NO2 Electrochemical Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Sensor

For monitoring of NO2 in the range 0-30ppm. 600nA/ppm

Excellent value sensor from use in Underground Car Park Monitoring systems

NE4-NH3 Electrochemical Ammonia (NH3) Sensor

There are some very good ammonia sensor out there but at very high cost. There also some lower cost but poor performing devices. We claim a sensor which works properly but for a reasonable price. Available in three output/range options, the standard NE-NH3 at  40nA/ppm (0-100ppm), the NE4-NH3-1000 at  8nA/ppm (0-1000ppm) and the NE4-NH3-5000 at 4nA/ppm (0-5000ppm).

NE4-CL2 Electrochemical Chlorine (Cl2) Sensor

For the reliable monitoring of Chlorine in in Industrial applications including water treatment works, swimming pools, chemical and pharmaceutical plants.

Output 600nA/ppm, range 0-10ppm.

NE4-NO Electrochemical Nitric Oxide (NO) Sensor

For industrial safety instruments, emission monitors and portable flue gas analysers

Output 400nA/ppm, range 0-250ppm.

NE4-CO-SI Electrochemical Carbon monoxide (CO) Sensor

A lower cost version of the NE4-CO sensor, designed for very cost sensitive applications such as Underground Car Park monitoring systems  

55 nA/ppm, 0-1000ppm

NE4-H2S-200 Electrochemical Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Sensor

Similar to the popular NE4-H2S-100, but with an extended range to 200ppm for process control applications or in areas where high levels of H2S might be regularly encountered.

500nA/ppm, 0-200ppm

NE4-H2S-500 Electrochemical Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Sensor

Similar to the popular NE4-H2S-100, but with an extended range to 500ppm for process control applications such as Biogas plants.

 200nA/ppm (0-500ppm).

NE4-HCHO-S Electrochemical Formaldehyde (CH2O) Sensor

For the reliable monitoring of Formaldehyde in various Industrial, commercialand residential applications

Output 600nA/ppm, range 0-10ppm, resolves down to 0.02ppm

NE7-CO Electrochemical Carbon monoxide (CO) Sensor

Our first foray into the “Series 7” format sensor, Designed for general purpose use in fixed toxic gas Detection heads in industrial safety applications,

100 nA/ppm, 0-1000ppm