Low-Cost Electrochemical Toxic Gas Sensors for Residential and Light Commercial Applications

General Description:

The NE4-NH3-1000 is an electrochemical gas sensor with 3 electrodes for the detection of Ammonia (NH3) in a variety of industrial and commercial gas detection applications. Exhibiting high performance with long-term stability, this compact (20.4mm dia) sensor is suitable for portable Gas Detection Instruments or Fixed Gas Detection heads.

The NE4-NH3-1000 is a version of the popular NE4-NH3 sensor, modified to be useful over a wider concentration range of 0-1000ppm.


NE4-NH3-1000 Electrochemical Ammonia Gas Sensor


Detectable gas:

Ammonia (NH3)

Detection range:

0 – 1000 ppm

Maximum overload:

1500 ppm

Output current:

8 +/- 4 nA/ppm


+/- 10%

Zero offset in clean air:

<+/- TBA

Output drift in air:

less than 50ppm/year

Response time (90%):

< 120 seconds

Temp. depend. in air:

<75ppm (-30 to+50°C)

Expected lifetime:


Operating conditions

Operating temperature:

 -30 +50 degrees C

Humidity range:

15 – 90% RH


0.9 – 1.1 atm

Recommended resistor:

10 ohms

Bias voltage:

Not required