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About the Nemoto Group

The Nemoto Group of companies is a Japanese technology and manufacturing organisation, based in Tokyo. Involved in various Safety and Environmental related products and markets as diverse as phosphorescent pigments, smoke detector components, gas sensors and Hi-Tech electro-plating, the company has, since its beginnings in 1941, developed and enviable range of innovative products which it manufactures in various locations around the world.



The 21st century has brought a paradigm shift in values shared by people around the world. The age of total faith in science and technology as the path to greater convenience and prosperity for mankind is over. A new set of values has defined a new role for science and technology in what will be an ongoing challenge for mankind to coexist with the environment that nurtures us. In other words, we must now focus our human ingenuity on a new generation of environmentally friendly science and technology.

Since its founding in 1941, Nemoto & Co., Ltd. has continued to be a technological development-oriented corporate group dedicated to the ideal of “Chemicals for the Benefit of the Earth and Mankind” and focusing our resources on the development of new products in specialized areas that meet the highest international standards. Primarily, we have apply applied innovative technologies to develop unique new materials, products and businesses that benefit society primarily in the fields of Safety, Security and Health.


In our luminous paints business we apply our core technologies in the three fields of phosphor manufacturing technology, radioisotope handling technology and painting and printing technology to seek out and develop new applications and new business opportunities. Working from our core competency in luminous paints, we have expanded into other fields with new products employing phosphors luminescent materials for lighting, display and the like, while also expanding our businesses in the fields of sensors and life science.

The spin-off of our group companies under completely independent management that was begun on the occasion of our 70th corporate anniversary has been proceeding well, and we are now operating under a holding company organization with Nemoto & Co., Ltd. as the central corporate entity.

Going forward, the independent companies comprising the Nemoto Group will continue to pursue the specialization, diversification and globalization of business based on the ideal of “finding what we can do today to summon in the future” (from Peter F. Drucker).

We ask for your continued support of our corporate activities.


Chairman & CEO

Ikuyoshi Nemoto

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