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Low-Cost Electrochemical Toxic Gas Sensors for Residential

and Light Commercial Applications

NAP-505 carbon monoxide gas sensor


Low-Cost Carbon monoxide (CO) sensor. The only low-cost electrochemical CO sensor benefiting from 3-electrode operation - Designed for use in high quality Residential CO detectors, Combined sensor type fire detectors and commercial gas detection systems (for example underground car park monitoring systems). We think the NAP-505 is simply the best low-cost CO sensor available from anywhere.

NAP-508 carbon monoxide gas sensor


Low-Cost Carbon monoxide (CO) sensor with 10 Year Warranty. The next generation CO low-cost CO sensor from Nemoto. Drawing on our considerable experience with the established and very popular NAP-505, The NAP-508 benefits from a warranted 10 year life.

NAP-550 nitrogen dioxide gas sensor


Low-cost Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) sensor. Designed to complement the NAP-505 CO sensor when used in commercial gas detection systems, especially underground car-park monitoring equipment, where NO2 monitoring of diesel exhaust fumes is becoming increasingly required.

0-30ppm, minimum 2-year lifetime, -20 to +50ºC temperature range

NAP-520 hydrogen sulfide gas sensor


Low-cost Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) sensor. The NAP-520 is designed for the detection of H2S in applications where small size and low cost is essential. Its particularly suitable for disposable badge "clip" type instruments.


0-100ppm, minimum 2-year lifetime,   -20 to +50ºC temperature range

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