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Gas Sensors For Special Applications


NAP-78SU incomplete combustion gas sensor

NAP-78SU - Incomplete combustion sensor

The NAP-78SU Catalytic Sensor is specifically designed for the detection of excessive CO and H2 levels in BOILER FLUE STACKS. It can also be used for any application where High temperature detection of flammable / explosive gases inside high temperature ducts and hot process control streams is required.

NCP-180P gas sensor for ATMs

NCP-180P - For Protection of ATM Machines

The NCP-180P Gas Sensor is specifically designed for use in Automated Cash Teller Machines (ATMs), to detect the unauthorised ingress of Methane, Acetylene, LPG and other Flammable / Explosive gases for security (anti-theft) purposes

NAP-523 hydrogen sulfide gas sensor

NAP-523 - Special low range H2S Sensor

The NAP-523 sensor has been specially designed to give a very high output signal, resulting a very low detection range of 0 to 0.5ppm, and a resolution (with high quality circuitry) of +/- 0.05ppm. The sensor is also insensitive to humidity changes and alcohol vapours, making it ideally suitable for measuring low levels of H2S on breath for health monitoring.

NE7-CO carbon monoxide gas sensor


Special 4-Electrode CO sensor with zero cross-sensitivity to Hydrogen. Application specific sensor for use where hydrogen needs to be ignored by the sensor (Flue gas analysers, gold mines ect....)

100 nA/ppm, 0-1000ppm (0-10,000 ppm version also available)

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