High Performance Electrochemical Toxic Gas Sensors

For Industrial Applications


For more challenging Toxic gas detection applications in industry, Nemoto has a full range of cost-effective, high performance Electrochemical sensors. Nemoto Toxic Gas Sensors are widely used worldwide, and have an excellent reputation for accuracy, stability in the field, durability and long lifetimes in service.


Ozone - NE4-O3

New Ozone sensor for environmental monitoring of Ozone (O3) down to 0.03ppm (30ppb) in air

Output 600nA/ppm, range 0-20ppm.

NE4-CO carbon monoxide gas sensor


Our flagship CO sensor for instruments intended for arduous industrial applications such as steelworks, mining applications, foundries, industrial portable multigas instruments etc. 3-electrode operation ensures the highest levels of linearity, repeatability and longevity.

70 nA/ppm, 0-1000ppm

NE4-CO-SI carbon monoxide gas sensor


A lower cost version of the NE4-CO sensor, designed for very cost sensitive applications such as Underground Car Park monitoring systems

50 nA/ppm, 0-1000ppm



Our first foray into the “Series 7” format sensor, Designed for general purpose use in fixed toxic gas Detection heads in industrial safety applications,

100 nA/ppm, 0-1000ppm

NE4-H2S hydrogen sulfide gas sensor


We think the best H2S sensor of its type available, with unsurpassed stability and unrivalled speed of response for all industrial safety applications

700nA/ppm, 0-100ppm

NE4-H2S-200 hydrogen sulfide gas sensor


Similar to the popular NE4-H2S-100, but with an extended range to 200ppm for process control applications or in areas where high levels of H2S might be regularly encountered.

500nA/ppm, 0-200ppm

NE4-H2S-500 hydrogen sulfide gas sensor


Similar to the popular NE4-H2S-100, but with an extended range to 500ppm for process control applications such as Biogas plants.

 200nA/ppm, 0-500ppm



For the reliable monitoring of Hydrogen Sulfide in various Industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Output 400nA/ppm, range 0-20ppm



Special Low-Range (0-10ppm) Hydrogen Sulfide in special applications, e.g. odour control

Output 3,000 nA/ppm, range 10ppm, resolves down to 0.02ppm

NE4-HCHO-S formaldehyde gas sensor


For the reliable monitoring of Formaldehyde in various Industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Output 500nA/ppm, range 0-10ppm, resolves down to 0.02ppm

NE4-NO2 nitrogen dioxide gas sensor


For the reliable monitoring of NO2  in various applications.

Excellent cost effective sensor, especially in applications such as Underground Car Park Monitoring systems.

 Range 0-30ppm. 600nA/ppm

NE4-NH3 ammonia gas sensor


There are some very good ammonia sensor out there but at very high cost. There also some lower cost but poor performing devices. We claim a sensor which works properly but for a reasonable price. Available in three output/range options, the standard NE-NH3 at  40nA/ppm (0-100ppm), the NE4-NH3-1000 at  8nA/ppm (0-1,000ppm) and the NE4-NH3-5000 at 4nA/ppm (0-5,000ppm).

NE4-NO nitric oxide gas sensor


For industrial safety instruments, emission monitors and portable flue gas analysers

Output 400nA/ppm, range 0-250ppm.

NE4-CL2 chlorine gas sensor


For the reliable monitoring of Chlorine in in Industrial applications including water treatment works, swimming pools, chemical and pharmaceutical plants.

Output 600nA/ppm, range 0-10ppm.