1st May 2020

Sensor+Test Exhibition (Nuremberg) Cancelled

Earlier this week we received confirmation that the Sensor+Test Exhibition, due to take place in Nuremberg in late June, has been cancelled for this year. This of course will be no surprise to any of us - the surprise is more that the organisors left it so late to confirm what was obvious to the rest of us some time ago.

This Exhibition is usually the most important event for sensor manufacturers in Europe, and so we are very sorry that we will not be meeting with so many of our valued customers in Nuremberg this year.

Next year, 2021, the show has been brought forward to 4th to the 6th of May, so we very much look forward to seeing all our business friends, colleagues and indeed friendly competitors there, as healthy and hungry for business as ever!

11th April 2020


Covid-19 Update

Our heart goes out to any of our customers and partners who have been personally affected by the Coronavirus crisis, or have had their businesses disrupted. As a key supplier to so many of our customers, we will do all in our power to help our customers get over this ordeal.

At Nemoto, all production facilities in Japan and China are currently operating near normally, and we have no problem with production capacity. Our stocking HUB in Amsterdam is likewise working and normally stocked with no shipping delays.

We cannot, of course, guarantee that delays in shipping won't arise due to issues beyond our control. For example the number of air flights have considerably reduced, making the choice of routes for shippng goods less. But so far our business has held up well against this crisis, and our customers do not need to worry about supply of Nemoto gas sensors.

Of course these are unprecedented times, so nobody can know for sure what will happen. If anything changes, we will change this message.