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Low-cost carbon monoxide (CO) Gas Sensor for residential / light commercial applications

NAP-505 carbon monoxide gas sensor


Detectable Gas:

Detection range:

Maximum overload:

Output current:


Output drift in air:

Response time (90%):

Temp. depend. in air:

Expected lifetime:

Carbon Monoxide (CO)

0 – 1000 ppm

2000 ppm

40 +/- 10 nA/ppm

+/- 2%

less than 5 ppm

< 30 seconds

<10ppm (-20 to 50°C)

7 years

Operating Conditions

Operating temperature:

Humidity range:


Recommended resistor:

Bias voltage:

-20 +50 degrees C

15 – 90% RH

0.9 – 1.1 atm

10 ohms

Not required

General Description:

The NAP-505 Gas Sensor is a low–cost 3-electrode electrochemical gas sensor designed for the detection and measurement of carbon monoxide in the range 0-1000ppm, in domestic carbon monoxide detectors, fire detectors, air quality monitors and commercial gas detection applications such as Underground Car Parks.

Warranted for 7 years continuous operation, and conforming with all relevant performance standards, including component listing to UL 2034 / 2075, the NAP-505 represents outstanding performance/price benefits over other designs.

The NAP-505 may be soldered directly to a pcb, and each sensor is also labelled with a QR code giving its calibration data, meaning the finished instrument may be calibrated electronically without the need to expose the detector to test gas - an important production cost saving for high volume CO detector manufacturers.

  •        3-Electrode design for greater stability

  •        Compact, leak-proof enclosure

  •        Resistant to shocks and vibration

  •        Terminals may be soldered

  •        Linear output

  •        Highly specific to target gas

  •        Unaffected by humidity

  •        Low Power consumption

  •        Very Low Long term drift

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