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Catalytic high-temperature pellistor flammable Gas Sensor for Industrial Environments

NCP-170S-H flammable gas sensor


Detectable Gas:

Detection range:

Voltage supply:

Current drawn:

Minimum Sensitivity:

Zero Offset (20°C):

Response time (90%):


Expected lifetime:

Long Term Span Drift:

Long Term Zero Drift:

All Flammable Gases

0 – 50% LEL

2.0V +/- 0.1V

170mA +/- 20 mA

50mV / % CH4

0mV +/-  30mV

< 8 seconds

+/- 1% LEL

> 3 years

<+/- 2% FSD/ month

<+/- 0.5mV / month

Operating Conditions

Operating temperature:

Humidity range:


Temperature Drift (zero):


-40 +150°C

0 – 95% RH

0.9 – 1.1 atm

<+/- 2% LEL

Effectively linear to 0-50% LEL

General Description:

The Nemoto NCP-170S-H is a catalytic (pellistor) type flammable gas sensor supplied as a matched pair of pellistor elements mounted on a single header and protected by a metal mesh enclosure and can.

The sensor detects and measures the presence of flammable gases and vapours in air, in the range 0-60% of the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) of the gas or vapour being measured. Very similar to the popular NCP-170S sensor, the NCP-170S-H employs a slightly different header material which allows the sensor to be used within a very wide temperature range (-40°C to +150°C).

The NCP-170S-H exhibits excellent long term zero and sensitivity stability and a high level of resistance to catalytic poisons. The highly automated manufacturing procedure employed by Nemoto results in a repeatable reliable sensor which, unlike similar devices, requires no trimming resistor to enable the detector to be matched with a compensator.

  •        Measures flammability directly

  •        -40 to +150°C  Temperature Range

  •        Highly resistant to Catalyst poisons

  •        Resistant to shocks and vibration

  •        Effectively Linear output to 50%LEL

  •        Specific to flammable  gases

  •        Unaffected by Humidity

  •        Very Simple circuitry

  •        Very Low Long term drift

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