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Special pellistor flammable Gas Sensor for ATM cash dispensing machines


Detectable Gas:

Detection range:

Voltage supply:

Current drawn:

Minimum Sensitivity:

Zero Offset (20°C):

Response time (90%):


Expected lifetime:

Long Term Span Drift:

Long Term Zero Drift:

All Flammable Gases

0 – 100% LEL

2.6V +/- 0.2V

170mA +/- 10 mA

45mV / 20%LEL C2H2

0mV +/-  35mV

< 20 seconds

+/- 2% LEL

> 5 years

<+/- 2% FSD/ month

<+/- 2mV / month

Operating Conditions

Operating temperature:

Humidity range:


Temperature Drift (zero):


-20 +60°C

0 – 95% RH

0.9 – 1.1 atm

<+/- 2% LEL

Effectively linear to 0-50% LEL

General Description:

The Nemoto NCP-180-P is a new low cost catalytic flammable gas sensor, for the detection of potentially exposive concentrations of all flammable gases in air. The sensor has been especially designed for use in Automated Cash Teller Machines (ATMs), to detect the ingress of Methane, Acetylene, LPG and other flammable gases for security (antitheft) purposes, but may also be used in a wide range of other applications.

The sensor is a low-cost twin header design, with the compensator element sealed from the atmosphere. This results in a stable and strong response to Acetylene gas, with the compensator protected against interference by acetylene, whilst maintaining equally strong and stable responses to many other flammable gases and vapours which may be used by criminals to attack ATMs

  •        Measures flammability directly

  •        Highly resistant to Catalyst poisons

  •        Resistant to shocks and vibration

  •        Effectively Linear output to 50%LEL

  •        Specific to flammable  gases

  •        Unaffected by Humidity

  •        Very Simple circuitry

  •        Very Low Long term drift

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