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Electrochemical Chlorine (Cl2) Gas Sensor

NE4-CL2 chlorine gas sensor


Detectable Gas:

Detection range:

Maximum overload:

Output current:

Zero Offset (20°C)


Output drift in air:

Response time (90%):

Temp. depend. in air:

Expected lifetime:

Chlorine (Cl2)

0 – 10 ppm

50 ppm

600 +/- 150 nA/ppm

< +/- 0.2 ppm equivalent

+/- 2%

less than 2% / month

< 40 seconds

< +/- 0.5 ppm (-20 to 50°C)

>2 years

Operating Conditions

Operating temperature:

Humidity range:


Recommended resistor:

Bias voltage:

-20 +50 degrees C

15 – 90% RH

0.9 – 1.1 atm

10 ohms

Not required

General Description:

The NE4-CL2 is an electrochemical gas sensor with 3 electrodes for the detection of Chlorine (Cl2) in a variety of industrial and commercial gas detection applications.

Exhibiting high performance with long-term stability, this compact (20.4mm dia) sensor is suitable for portable Gas Detection Instruments or Fixed Gas Detection heads.

 Nemoto's porous electrode technology enables accurate gas detection with high sensitivity. The mechanical design of the sensor gives optimum gas diffusion characteristics, and the hermetically sealed enclosure prevents costly electrolyte leakage.

  •        3-Electrode design for greater stability

  •        Compact, leak-proof enclosure

  •        Resistant to shocks and vibration

  •        Linear output

  •        Highly specific to target gas

  •        Unaffected by humidity

  •        Low Power consumption

  •        Very Low Long term drift

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